Крупчак Владимир Ярославович

Krupchak Vladimir Yaroslavovich

born on January 29, 1958 in the village Bykovo, Vilegodskiy District, Arkhangelsk Region.
He received the main higher education in the Arkhangelsk State Medical Institute, which he graduated in 1980.
In 1994 he graduated from the Business-School at the University in Portland (USA), and four years later received the diploma of the All-Russian Correspondence Financial and Economic Institute.
Married. He has 7 children.
Labour activity
At the beginning of labour activity he worked as a dentist in the Military Hospital in Arkhangelsk.
The work in top-management he started at ООО PKP «Titan» where since 1990 till 2000 he worked as General Director. Besides, for 3 years since 1997 Krupchak was General Director of OJSC «Arkhbum», from 1996 till 2004 he was the Chairman of the Board of Directors of OJSC «Arkhangelsk PPM » and at the same time the President “Titan” Group of Companies.
Group of Companies «Titan» is a diversified regional holding with four key business–directions: wood harvesting (8 wood logging enterprises), wood-working (CJSC «Sawmill-25», OJSC «Arkhangelsk woodworking plant -3»), property («Titan-Development», ТРК «Titan-Arena ») and sphere of services (hotel «Dvina», TC «Malye Karely»).
The holding «Titan» supplies timber raw material to OJSC “Arkhangelsk PPM” and CJSC «Sawmill-25» (over 4 mln. m3, including nearly 2,0 mln.m3 harvested by own enterprises of the company) exclusively.

On the initiative of Vladimir Krupchak the production facilities at Arkhangelsk PPM were modernized, as well as at the timber industrial enterprises of Group of Companies «Titan». Total investments amounted to over USD 500 million. In addition, in Podolsk of Moscow region the largest plant of corrugated packaging and corrugated board in the Eastern Europe was built, which is equipped with modern equipment. A new sawmill, one of the best in the European part of Russia, appeared in Arkhangelsk.
The enterprises, under the leadership of Vladimir Krupchak, were awarded with various premiums and diplomas for many times. In 1998 OJSC «Arkhangelsk PPM» was awarded with the Diploma as a Laureate of M.V. Lomonosov premium for highly effective program of innovations and wide scientific and research activity.
In 2001 by the results of the contest held by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Expert Institute and Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, Arkhangelsk PPM won in the nomination «For the most dynamical development».
In 2002 APPM was awarded with the highest economical Russian award – the Peter the Great Order of Honor. In 2004 Arkhangelsk PPM became the best company at the contest held by the Ministry for Economic Development of Russia. The subsidiaries of Arkhangelsk PPM — OJSC «Arkhbum» was awarded as the “Best Russian Exporter” by the Ministry of Trade of the Russian Federation for four years.
At present Vladimir Krupchak is the Investment Advisor of Pulp Mill Holding — an Austrian-German group (headquarters in Vienna, Austria), which produces paper, cardboard and corrugated packaging at the manufacturing enterprises in Russia and Ukraine.
The enterprises of the holding enterprises are among the industry leaders in production figures and finance results, and are one of the most modern in Europe. Horizontal integration between OJSC “Arkhangelsk Pulp and Paper Mill”, Podolsk and Istra branches of OJSC “Arkhbum” in Moscow region, the transport-logistic complex of OJSC “Arkhbum” and PJSC “Kiev Cardboard and Paper Mill” play the most important part in achieving these results.
In the investment sphere Pulp Mill Holding pays main attention to departments with maximum development potentials – cardboard, paper of different types and corrugating cardboard production line (corrugated board – board packaging). Strategic programs aimed at increasing the production competitiveness in the main directions are realized at holding enterprises:
– further reduction of cost and product’s price together with increase of production volumes on account of economic raw materials consumption, nonvolatility by introduction of new ecological technologies: cooking (construction of a semi-chemical pulp plant at Arkhangelsk PPM), power and water saving (construction of a cogeneration power station at Kiev CPM), the large-scale program to increase power efficiency at Arkhangelsk PPM).
– increase of production capacity on account of modernization and reconstruction of operating capacities (the project of Arkhangelsk PPM «Reconstruction of board production») and construction of new (start of an industrial area «Istrinskiy branch of OJSC “Arkhbum”).

Scientific activity

During 10 years Vladimir Krupchak was engaged in various scientific activities. For some time he held the post of Professor of the Management Department in the Pomor State University in Arkhangelsk. He is a member of the International Academy of Ecology and Natural Resources. He published three monographs and is the author of dozens of scientific articles disclosing issues of the most effective development of the forest sector.
On June 13, 2000 Vladimir Krupchak became Ph.D. in Economics, in four years — on December 23, 2004, the Dissertation Council of Moscow State Forest University admitted him the degree of Doctor of Economics.

State, public and industry awards

In 1999 Vladimir Krupchak won the contest «Manager of the Year — 99», and by the Edict of the President of the Russian Federation he was awarded with the Order of “ Merit for the Motherland” II for significant contribution to the production and public activity.
In 2000 he was awarded with the Golden Honorary Medal by the National Fund «Public Recognition.
In May 2001 at the Third All-Russian Congress of the Best Managers of Russia Vladimir Krupchak won the award in the nomination «For significant private contribution in successful decision of the social and economic problems in the region of the Russian Federation». Besides, he was given the diploma and the medal of the laureate of the Peter the Great National Premium and the statuette of the Peter the Great.
In 2002 he again became the laureate of the Peter the Great National Premium in the nomination «The Leader of the Russian Business in the Forest Industrial Complex-2002».
In 2005 the Patriarch Aleksii II awarded Vladimir Krupchak with the Order «For Benefaction» for the example of morality and spirituality. This award was established by the orthodox benefactors club for restoration of cultural and historical monuments and orthodox values and renovation of the Russian traditions. In December 2005 he was awarded by the Adam Smith Institute (London), as a political leader who contributed much into the pulp and paper industry of Russia for the last ten years.
At the celebration of 100-anniversary of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Krupchak was presented the engraved golden watch, and the Chairman Boris Gryzlov expressed him gratitude for the legislative activity.