Крупчак Владимир Ярославович

Krupchak Vladimir Yaroslavovich
was born on January 29, 1958 in the village Bykovo, Vilegodskiy District, Arkhangelsk Region.
He received the main higher education in the Arkhangelsk State Medical Institute, which he graduated in 1980.
In 1994 he graduated from the Business-School at the University in Portland (USA), and four years later received the diploma of the All-Russian Correspondence Financial and Economic Institute.
He received a degree in Ph.D. in Economics on June 13, 2000 and the degree of Doctor of Economics on December 23, 2004.
Married. He has 7 children.
He was a CEO of ICE “Titan”, LLC since 1990 till 2000, a chairman of the Board of Directors of “Arkhangelsk PPM”, OJSC, “Sawmill-25”, CJSC, “Shalakusha sawmill”, OJSC, “Tsiglomen sawmill”, LLC and the president of GC “Titan” during 1996-2004. He was a CEO of “Arkhbum”, OJSC since 1997 till 2000.
Key accomplishments: complete reorganization of “Arkhangelsk PPM” within the conditions of corporate conflict (now Arkhangelsk PPM is one of the leading wood chemical enterprises of Russia and Eastern Europe, it produces board, kraft bleached pulp, various kinds of paper, copybooks (school green copybooks is Russian brand)). It is included in TOP-400 largest domestic companies. Performance of complex upgrade of APPM and development of long-term investment program, retrieval and development of sales development concept of APPM (geographic expansion of foreign trade activity up to 60 countries of the world, “Best Russian Exporter” as a result of annual all-Russian contests winning, arranged by Ministry of Industry and Trade of RF, APPM has received this award since 1998 till 2011), creation of long-term hedging strategy.
Mr.Krupchak developed and implemented the policy of corporate social responsibility at APPM and “Titan” holding. Including the long-term program focused on reduction of the negative influence on environment, creation of positive conditions for effective business activities and labor.
Among his merits: performance of complex upgrade of “Sawmill 25”, CJSC and timber industry enterprises in Arkhangelsk region with creation of complete infrastructure on the footprints areas. Also the creation of diverse holding with four key business directions: logging (11 timber industry enterprises), logistic (“Belomorskaya boom company”), wood processing (three lots of “Sawmill 25”, CJSC), property (“Titan-Development”) and services (hotel “Dvina”, tourist center “Malye Karely”).
2011 – June, 2018 – Investment Advisor of Pulp Mill Holding.
June, 2018 – till present – a member of the Board of Directors of “Arkhangelsk PPM”, JSC and CG “Titan”.
As a member of the Boards of Directors of two companies, he oversees the strategic development and investment policy issues.
Arkhangelsk Pulp and Paper Mill”, JSC and GC “Titan” are the largest taxpayers in the region – both companies jointly pay about 4 bln RUB to the various levels budgets every year.
The volume of capital investments to the basic funds of APPM amounted to more than 35 bln RUB since 1998 until 2016. The total investment will be about 23.0 bln RUB until 2020.
The “Titan” holding has invested about 20 bln RUB to the upgrade of timber industrial enterprises and “Sawmill 25“, CJSC since 2003 until 2018. The holding’s plans include the creation of new jobs and the implementation of upgrade programs through the opening of new enterprises in the region.
About 10 thousand people work at all enterprises of two companies.
Annually APPM and GC “Titan” invest more than 400 mln RUB in various social programs and charity at the footprints areas.