Being environmentally responsible for the future

The 1st August is known as Ecological Debt Day (EDD), when the amount of renewable resources used by humanity begins exceeding the amount which our planet is able to regenerate for a year. For the first time Arkhangelsk PPM became a partner of the campaign. Support of Ecological Debt Day is one of the action points in the goal-oriented program of the pulp and paper giant aimed at reduction of the negative impact on the environment.

“Arkhangelsk PPM always works in close cooperation with WWF Russia, supports various environmental campaigns. This year the mill for the first time has become a general partner of EDD, – Vladimir Krupchak, the member of the Board of APPM, said. – Being environmentally responsible for the present and future of the region, Arkhangelsk Pulp and Paper Mill strictly adheres to high environmental performance standards. The only priority in our work is application of the best available environmental technologies, targeted improvement of the environmental properties of our production facilities, reduction of the negative impact on the environment.”

In 2017 the mill invested about 1 billion rubles in the environment. APPM reduced by 39% GHG emissions against 1990 (the base year). The mill takes the 1st place in Russia in the international rating of GHG emissions disclosure.

In endeavoring to maximize the use of all available biofuel resources in order to reduce GHG emissions, the mill fulfilled the assessment of landfill gas (LFG) energy potential.

By results of the last year, APPM has reduced discharges of pollutants into water by 19%, emissions into the atmosphere by 13%, waste generation by 16%, water consumption by 10.5%, wastewater discharges by 4.3%.

At the end of previous year the mill was excluded from the list of “hot spots” of the Barents Euro-Arctic Council (BEAC).

Arkhangelsk PPM is one of the participants in the first project in Russia to minimize waste disposal via production of granulated wood ash using the mill’s wastes. It will allow to reduce volumes of landfilling at the waste site and respectively decrease the negative impact on the environment.

At present the mill is building a new evaporating station, the launch of which will have a significant environmental effect – reduction of water consumption – by 50%, emissions to the air – by 65%. And, what is the most important, it will help to get rid of the bad smelling gases generated during the production process completely.

This year Arkhangelsk PPM has released fish voluntarily to replenish aquatic biological resources.

The company’s development strategy includes the project of mill’s gasification. Realization of the project will result in a large-scale environmental effect, as switching to natural gas – the most environmentally friendly fossil fuel – will significantly reduce the company’s emissions into the atmosphere. According to preliminary calculations of the “Strategic forecast of GHG emissions of Arkhangelsk PPM up to 2030” switching to natural gas will reduce GHG emission by 50% against the emissions of 1990 (the base year).

According to Heinz Zinner, the Chairman of the Board of Arkhangelsk PPM, for the past 12 years investments of Pulp Mill Holding, the mill’s shareholder, into environmental activities have exceeded 10 billion rubles. “We stick to high environmental standards at enterprises of our Holding, taking care of the environment. It is rare that installation of new equipment can increase capacity or decrease costs, but we upgrade production facilities in order to keep Novodvinsk town and Arkhangelsk region environmentally safe, healthy and attractive for living,” – Mr. Zinner said.